Web portal with remote work & clients for greek freelancers

E-douleia.gr web portal was the first try to approach greek audience and introduce them the ability to work from home on normal jobs or in projects from all over the world through telecommuting work.
The attempt was made in 2010 during the first phase of the economical crisis in Greece giving the opportunity to greek working force to encounter the high unemployment rates and to create new skills for the new era that was coming. 

Identifying a Market Gap

Recognized the potential of remote work in a challenging economic climate and built a platform to address that gap. This demonstrates foresight and innovation in the Greek job market.

Pioneering Remote Work in Greece (2010)

E-douleia.gr might have been the first web portal to introduce the concept of remote work (telecommuting) to the Greek audience in 2010. This was a novel approach at a time when remote work wasn't as widely adopted.

Global Job Market Access

The platform have connected Greek users with remote jobs from all over the world, expanding their job search beyond the limitations of the local market. Encouraged users to create skills for the changing job market

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