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Launcing wordwide startup for dog lovers for greek and cypriot markets

We successfully spearheaded the Greek and Cypriot launch of a global dog-loving startup! Created and managed all necessary components so to adopt the unique cultural and regulatory landscapes of both regions, ensuring a smooth and successful entry for the company. 

Tailored Approach

The launch provided an opportunity to refine the startup's offerings for a specific cultural context. Involve adapting marketing materials or product features approaches to resonate better with Greek and Cypriot dog owners.

Brilliant team

We were part of a diverse global team, where we exchanged ideas and techniques to increase the overall value of the product and its associated services.

Market entry experience

Our experience in market entry allows us to quickly define the target audience and trigger their attention with the benefits offered.

Modern technology

Utilized all available leading technologies to achieve rapid growth in just a few months.

"This launch was an incredible adventure, filled with unique experiences. It pushed us to adapt our global concept to the specific needs of the local Greek and Cypriot communities."
Christos Kontaxis
XK Business Resilience

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